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Q: What will CCRE do for me?
A: The CCRE Debt Relief Program enables our Clients to dramatically reduce credit card and other unsecured debt at a significant discount compared with programs that simply extend payments, restructure them, or in many cases put the consumer further in debt. Our proprietary systems are unmatched for Texas residents and are designed specifically to achieve the best debt relief for all of our Clients. Each CCRE Client works with their personal highly trained advisor at no additional cost whatsoever. While our guarantee states that a client's credit card debt will be reduced by at least 40% or YOUR MONEY BACK, many of our Clients are pleasantly surprised to experience that the amount reduced is far better than this and just for your information our guarantee is stated in writing.

Is a money-back guarantee a valuable issue to you? (It is to our clients!) Do you think you should ask other companies if they offer one? (We highly recommend it and we doubt you’ll even find one!)

In the majority of cases, our Client will likely reduce their total credit card debt more than 50%-60% simply because they have used the laws in place to their ultimate advantage. The foundation of the CCRE has allowed the partnership between the program and our Clients to be extremely effective for over 8 years in rebuilding a much brighter financial future for consumers, helping them to become debt free, and saving them substantial time and money in the process.

Q: How does The CCRE Program work? How long will it take?
A: The CCRE Program is a process that involves educating you on your rights as a Texas resident (for one, the Texas Constitution has much to say and help you regarding your rights!) and also your rights as they pertain to The Fair Credit Billing Act and The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. The process educates you on these laws (and others) and then when you have the financial strength to settle your accounts (typically 6 months and beyond) we will settle them for you one by one.

The time of the process will vary from Client to Client and is determined by the amount of money they are able to save to use towards settling. The unique thing about our program is that we educate our Clients on their rights and we show them how to financially protect themselves so if they need more time to save money they can have it.

Based on years of results from Clients who have successfully graduated from our program, the average time to complete the CCRE Process will be about 12-24 months, although many Clients have finished in less than 12 months and many have taken longer than 24 months. Since everyone’s situation is unique, we can give you a good estimate when we speak wi
th you so you know exactly what to expect!

Q:Please explain exactly how the money-back guarantee works?
A: The money-back guarantee that Integrity Debt Solutions offers our Clients is simply unheard of and unparalleled in the debt relief industry. We are happy to show you a copy of our Purchase Agreement which outlines the Guarantee and Refund Policy, but here's how it works.

The money-back guarantee policy actually has two levels:
(1) The first level offers a 14-day "no-questions-asked" money back guarantee. This allows Clients to receive a "free look" at our initial program, materials, and service and still have the opportunity to change their mind.

(2) The second, more profound level, offers that if a Client pays more than 60% of aggregate debt after 12-months in the program while adhering to the Credit Card Relief Education policies and procedures, the Client is then entitled to FULL REFUND less a small restocking, shipping, and handling fee.

Even though we cannot guarantee the exact percentage a Client will achieve on a certain account, we are confident that we can help any Texas resident reduce their TOTAL debt by at least 40% and we're willing to put our research and expertise on such a level as to guarantee that it will deliver results.

Ask the other companies you're researching if they offer a money-back guarantee!

Q: What can I expect from your company?
A: Since we, at "Integrity Debt Solutions-Texas", work for YOU and not your creditors, you can expect that you will be told the truth every step of the way and that you and your family will not be alone. CCRE allows you to stop making payments immediately, and it ensures your interests are served so that you are no longer under the adverse influence of a creditor during the completion of the debt relief process.

You can also expect to receive monthly and ongoing information in the form of education and curriculum each and every month. Some of this material is to educate you on your rights as a Texas resident, some of it may be in the form of financial coaching, and some of it may be in the form of what to expect from the credit card companies. However, ALL of the materials we send out are for the express purpose of assisting you, encouraging you, and teaching you how to become debt free as soon as possible!

Q: Who can enroll in The CCRE Program?
A: The CCRE Program is designed for the following residents of Texas: (1) Consumers who are struggling - or even unable - to meet the minimum monthly payments required to repay debt to their creditors; (2) People who want to avoid bankruptcy, avoid refinancing, avoid consumer credit counseling programs, or avoid debt consolidation and receive better and bigger results. (3) Families who would like to have a negotiated settlement on their credit cards for less than 30%-65% of their total aggregate balances.

Q: I have found that some companies charge a considerable fee for their debt settlement services. This concerns me since there is no real incentive for them to end my debts. How does your company charge for its debt settlement service?
A: Most debt settlement companies now charge 20% of the debt you enter into their program. In other words, if you have $40,000 of credit card debt, they will eventually charge you $40,000 x 20% = $8,000. The least expensive amount we’ve been able to find is 15% of your total debt.

Our fee is less than our average competitor, mainly because we are a statewide company and not a nationwide company. We have much less overhead expenses, no national advertising budget, and we pass on these savings to you. This is important, don’t you think?

However, we have some major benefits that no other company offers. For example, we offer a full money-back guarantee, we have an “A” rating, and we specialize in Texas. All of this means we have a long history of telling our clients the truth and delivering on our promises. In addition, we will educate you on your rights as a Texas resident according to consumer protection law which offers you not only peace of mind and security, but also great protection financially. But you need to be aware of these rights and the various laws so the banks don’t take advantage of you. Also, we have an asset protection part of our program which means we will show you how to legally set up your financial matters so no bank can take any of your assets or money while you’re working to rebuild things – no other company takes this comprehensive approach. Most of our clients need time to save and rebuild and we show them how to obtain this extra time utilizing their rights!

Specifically, the fee we charge is determined by how much debt you enter and the settlements we are able to achieve for you. Because of new legislation passed in 2010, debt settlement companies cannot charge in advance for debt settlement. We have a tiered fee structure that gives us incentive to settle your accounts at a lower rate. In other words, the more money YOU save, the money we can make.

You will also receive unlimited phone consultations and unlimited email support during the entire process – this means you will never be alone and you will have access to our vast experience and expertise every step of the way until you are completely finished with the program. Is being constantly supported by extremely knowledgeable people an important issue to you? (We think so too!)

If you want to know exactly the amount we would eventually charge for your case, please fill out the Confidential Application with your name, phone, amount of debt, etc. and you will receive a free personal consultation and a free packet of information all valued at $250.

Finally, we have three versions of our program. It is one program, but three different versions of the same program: (1) A “Full-Service” version where we will do all of the work for you; (2) A “Regular-Service” version where about 75% of the work is already done, but you will be required to dedicate some time and effort and; (3) A “Do-It-Yourself” version where we supply everything you need along with all of the corresponding instructions and explanations to become debt free on your own. Obviously, there are different prices for each of these versions and we will be happy to explain them to you.

Q: What else do you offer?
A: IDS-Texas also offers an Educational Package that you can purchase that covers 12 month subscriptions and access to educational forums, curriculum, and financial coaching materials including, but not exclusively; (1) Educational CDs; (2) Administrative dispute process including (a) Initial Dispute Letters, Do Not Call letters, Cease Communication letter, Attorney letters, Credit Reporting letters, Arbitration letters and responses, and other various follow up correspondence; (3) Unlimited Conference Calls; (4) Website Education; (5) Consumer rights education including specific Texas asset protection material and Texas Constitution education; (6) Federal law education including the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA), the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA), and the 1991 Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA); (7) Biblical Financial Management course via DVD and workbook and website; (8) History of Banking education including ‘Modern Money Mechanics’ manual, ‘Creature from Jekyll Island’ book, and ‘Money Masters’ DVD; (9) Financial Coaching Program designed to help you become financially healthy and well balanced as you recover from a difficult time.

Q: I am a skeptic, how do I know this isn't a scam and that the CCRE program really works?
A: Our track record speaks for itself and here are some of the issues of which you should be aware: (1) we have not received one complaint in our entire history since 2004; (2) we have large numbers of testimonials; (3) we have a very long list of client references (many of whom live right in your city or county!) that you can call and speak to yourself and see how they were all treated and the results they achieved; (4) a money-back guarantee that is in writing; (5) and we only help people that live in Texas.

If you require MORE evidence then what we can provide and that is NOT mentioned above, then you have a very long search ahead of you because you will not find one company in the industry that has this list of credentials, proof, and evidence.

If you would like us to put you in touch with families that have already gone through the CCRE process or just started in the last year (or in the proximity of where you live!), we would be happy to do so – just let us know and we will send you the list. This is one of our strongest selling points and many of our new clients are referred to us by satisfied members.

P.S. Ask the other companies you are researching if they have a list of names and phone numbers they can share. If they can't or won't provide one, run away as fast as a Texas tornado! Wouldn’t you say having scores of satisfied clients is one GREAT piece of evidence for a company to have?

Q: How does CCRE compare to debt consolidation, refinancing or credit counseling companies?
A: First and foremost, we at Integrity Debt Solutions are committed to telling you EVERYTHING upfront. As a Christian owned company our standard is the Bible and the Golden Rule. We have no doubt that the degree of professionalism and character will come through in our interactions with you or we do not expect you to return our calls or give us serious consideration.

With that said, debt settlement is going to hurt your credit score so if need to maintain perfect credit, our program and debt settlement in NOT for you. However, if you can live with sub-par credit for at least a couple of years, then debt settlement can save you 50% or more off your total debt.

Debt consolidation will do exactly what it says: it will consolidate your various accounts and instead of having several accounts and multiple payments each month, you will have one large debt amount located with one institution and one large monthly payment. This may or may not hurt your credit score – many factors go into the consideration of your credit score and we encourage you to do your research directly with Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union (the three main credit score agencies).

Credit counseling will most likely hurt your credit score because they will contact your creditors and explain to them that you are entering their program and they are assisting you with your debt load. Most probably, the credit counseling agency will tell you exactly where you have to send money, exactly what you are allowed to spend money on, and even what you may have to stop spending money on. In other words, they will run your financial life and demand you comply with certain prohibitions and boundaries so you can get out of debt. Some people need this accountability and strict oversight.

Finally, with our CCRE program, we will NOT tell you how you must run your financial life. Rather we will give you massive amounts of encouragement and education so you can get excited again about your financial future and actually experience some momentum as you move toward a debt free life again!

Q: What if I have debt that is more than 2 years old; can I still use the process?
A: If your debt is more than 2 years old, yes we can still help and serve you. There are many important protective issues that you need to be aware of so none of the banks can take money from you without your permission. They have sneaky ways of doing this and we reveal them to you so you can protect yourself! As a Texas resident, you have exempt assets and non-exempt assets and you need to become aware of them and take protective steps.

You also need to set up some things financially to protect any money that you have coming in - whether it is from your job, social security, inheritance, or any other source. Texas law states that your wages cannot be garnished, but once you receive your paycheck, the banks have ways of finding where it is and then garnishing it! We can help you avoid this unpleasant occurrence.

We can also help negotiate your accounts down significantly if that is your desire. We have a great deal of experience in doing this very thing saving clients thousands and thousands of dollars.

Q: Will the banks or collectors call me at work or at home?
A: Federal and State laws prohibit collectors from contacting consumers at their place of employment – but they typically do it anyway. We have researched the laws and the use of our documents (since this needs to be done in writing) will put the collector on notice, thereby eliminating contacting you at work AND anywhere else.

We also have cease and desist letters based on federal and Texas law that will eliminate any creditors from contacting you at home as well. Because of the laws we share with you, you have the right to handle this type of business exclusively in writing and we will provide all of the education and documentation you need.

Q: Does your company personally provide the CCRE service or do you sell leads to other companies?
A: We are NOT a lead company and therefore we will never sell your information to anyone. Our company, "Integrity Debt Solutions", personally handles your debts.

Q: What kind of support can I expect as I go through the CCRE program?
A: Your agent will be your first line of communication and support throughout the CCRE process. When you begin the program, you will receive curriculum and educational materials in the mail that will educate and inform you on the entire CCRE program, what to expect, what steps to take, and how to contact us. You will also subscribe to and receive monthly emails that guide you through each step along with audio monthly tips to go through the program most successfully. In addition, you will receive CDs, audios, and additional educational curriculum that guide you through each step. Our comprehensive package is very simple to follow and delivers results.

You also have the right to unlimited phone and email support which provides answers to your questions, explanations to various aspects of the process, and peace of mind whenever you need some encouragement!

We are here every step of the way and we deliver results!

Our goal is to give you the support and education necessary to continue our track record of reducing Client's debt as much as possible.

Q: So, how much can I expect my debt to be reduced by?
A: While we guarantee that we will reduce your TOTAL credit card debt by at least 40% or your money back, there are a number of variables that prevent us from quoting exactly how low we can reduce your individual debt. We can tell you however, that there are cases we have seen a balance of only 20% left to pay while some of our Clients have settled for 30%, 40%, and 50% on some accounts and still others have paid 60% or 75% of the balance on certain accounts.

If you pay 60% or more on your TOTAL eligible and combined credit card debt you will not pay us and you will receive our help and a fresh start essentially for free. Looking at the Clients who have settled ALL of their accounts since 2005, the average percentage settlement is 37.41% which translates into a savings of over 62%. Your results will vary, but don’t you think our guarantee is a fair enough offer?

Q: What type of debts can be included in the CCRE program?
A: Only unsecured debts are allowed in the CCRE program. Any bank that issues Visa (such as Chase, Bank of America, Citibank, Wells Fargo, etc.), any bank that issues MasterCard (such as HSBC, US Bank, Advanta, USAA, etc.), American Express accounts, and Discover accounts are allowed. We also accept other unsecured debt such as signature loans and unsecured lines of credit.

We have recently added the following accounts to our allowable list: individual store credit cards like Kohl's, Home Depot, or JC Penny; gas station cards; and medical bills.

Please speak to your Integrity Debt Solutions representative for more information.

Q: If you are already behind on credit card payments will your approach still be effective?
A: The process works whether the accounts start in good standing or they are already delinquent. We will inform you of the pertinent details and your Authorized Agent can assist you with the appropriate letters that need to be sent to help you get the phone calls to stop and how to get you up to speed on various other issues.

Q: There are many other debt settlement companies to choose from, how does your service compare?
A: There is much competition for your business when it comes to debt relief, debt elimination, and debt settlement. As you have learned by reading our website the main differences with Integrity Debt Solutions-Texas are....

1. We offer a money-back guarantee. If we cannot help you reduce at least 40% of your total balances, we will refund your money or not charge you at all! No other company that we are aware of offers this kind of guarantee. We invite you to ask the other companies!

2. We offer reference after reference of satisfied clients for you to speak with personally. If you are seriously considering our CCRE service, we will give you names and phone numbers of former and current clients that you can speak to yourself. This has been the absolute BEST and MOST confirming selling point for our program. Again, no other company we know of offers this - we've asked them ourselves! (OK, we were sneaky and called them up pretending to be a client!) We are told that they want to maintain their client’s privacy. Well, we also maintain our client’s privacy - we will not share anyone's name or phone number without their express permission and consent. However, because of the results we have consistently delivered, our clients ARE WILLING TO TALK with others about their specific results and success!!

3. Asset Protection. We offer asset protection strategies that will ensure that our clients are 100% safe and protected throughout the entire CCRE process.

4. Education. We educate our clients on what the law says and how it can serve them to get a fresh financial start. In our experience, an informed and knowledgeable client is a successful and confident client. Even though we have done over 95% of the work for our clients, we still want them to know as much as possible so they can rest assured knowing they are going to be helped. We also have various other education and curriculum our clients can go through all for the express purpose of helping them become financially healthy.

5. We specialize in serving Texas residents only. We have a high degree of experience, knowledge, and expertise when it comes to serving you. No other company that we know of serves only in Texas.

The above reasons are the primary benefits and differences between our CCRE program and other services. Are you ready to get started today and become debt free?

Go ahead and click on the link, complete the form, and get the ball rolling!